Lee Lorenzen

President, CEO

Lee Lorenzen is a successful serial/parallel entrepreneur with more than 31 years of experience developing software and founding and/or funding numerous ventures and non-profit organizations. He is currently President, CEO of Altura Ventures.

Prior to Altura Ventures, he founded SHOP.COM (1997-2007) and as CEO/Chairman led the company from simply an idea to its current place as one of the Top 10 most trafficked multi-vendor shopping sites on the web.

Lorenzen's first start-up was Ventura Software (1985-1990) where he co-wrote Ventura Publisher -- the fastest desktop publishing system available on the PC. It was licensed to Xerox and achieved annual sales in excess of $50 million.

Next, Lorenzen founded Altura Software (1990-Present) and created the Mac2Win software which was used to port 60+ Mac applications to Windows (including ClarisWorks, Macromedia Director and Fractal Design Painter). Over the years, Altura generated $15+ million in revenue, reached the Softletter's Top 100 list and achieved Sales Per Employee levels in the Top 10 of all software companies.

Lorenzen also founded and assembled the management team of Fractal Design Corporation (1992-1996), which went public in 1995 before ultimately being acquired by Corel. Next, he co-founded PGSoft (1998-2001) which was sold to Novell after creating the Cody-award winning IFolder product.

Earlier in his career, Lorenzen developed some of the world's first graphical user interfaces. After graduating valedictorian from SMU with a BS in Computer Science, he joined Xerox, where he developed an icon-based graphical desktop user interface called Lone Star in 1981 (just prior to the shipment of the IBM PC). Next, he joined Digital Research Inc. (DRI), where he developed a graphical windowing system and user interface for the PC called GEM that was an early competitor to Windows and Macintosh.

Lorenzen holds a patent as co-inventor of the Universal Shopping Cart (US 7,197,475) .
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Thomas E. Mallett

Managing Director

Thomas E. Mallett is corporate counsel for Altura Ventures LLC. He has worked with Lee Lorenzen for the past 20 years and handled the creation, incorporation, legal operation and ultimate resolution of over 20 software companies on Lee's behalf. These companies include those that have operated profitably for years generating S-Corporation distributions in excess of $30 million, been acquired by Fortune 1000 companies with more than $50 million going to the entrepreneurs involved, raised $50+ million in funds from private individuals, corporations and venture capitalists and gone public on the NasDaq with valuations exceeding $300 million. Mallett specializes in complex contractual matters, estate planning and taxation. He received his undergraduate and Law School degrees from U.C. Davis. Mallett's law firm is Buck & Mallett located in Monterey, California.


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