The Altura Academy

Looking for a place to develop the skills that every startup needs to be successful?Our customized classes focus on the specific challenges that your startup is facing.

The Altura Academy Price List

We support entrepreneurs of all sizes based on a tiered price list because that way everyone can afford to work with us. We also offer outrageous guarantees at each tier of the price list. In this way, if we fail to deliver then you can recover your investment in us.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

License Fee

Monthly Fixed Fee

paid on 1st of each month




Initial Term in Months




Total Spend during Initial Term




Key Deliverables

Phased Fundraising Plan

target amount to be raised during initial term

$1 million



Tiered Price List

target increases in ARPU and MRR




Objectives and Key Results

target value to business per quarter




Outrageous Guarantee

Moneyback Percentage

% repaid if no deliverables met & no renewal




Reimbursement Amount

$ refunded if not fully satisfied




BUY TIER 1 for $10,000BUY TIER 2 for $5,000BUY TIER 3 for $2,500Price ListBilling has moved to

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