The GEM System

Altura Ventures has developed a proven system that helps startups and existing businesses succeed with their Growth, Engagement, and Monetization (GEM).

This GEM System offers proprietary techniques in the following three areas:

  1. Growing your business by designing it to spread virally
  2. Engaging your customer base with a compelling story
  3. Monetizing by running third-party ads, signing up sponsors, recruiting subscribers or selling your business outright

We specialize in helping not only budding entrepreneurs but also seasoned professionals who have guided their businesses through the storms of adversity, helped them survive a few near death experiences and are now ready to transition these toddler or teenager businesses to their next levels of success.

Our Price List

We support entrepreneurs of all sizes based on a tiered price list because that way everyone can afford to work with us. We also offer outrageous guarantees at each tier of the price list. In this way, if we fail to deliver then you can recover your investment in us.

The GEM System Price List

          Outrageous Guarantee (if you wish to quit early)

What you get:

Your Startup Journey

They say "a the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and we agree.

Our journey together begins when you license the GEM System for startup success based upon the above Price List or whatever variant we negotiate.

After we agree on the terms of the GEM System License, we will work through the following five steps together:

  1. Analyze Your Product Vision
  2. Coach You on the Principles of Influence
  3. Craft a Story Where Your Customer is the Hero
  4. Persuade Investors to Fund Your Company
  5. Grow, Engage, and Monetize Your Customer Base

Ideally, our working relationship will go on for years.  However, at any point in time, you have the right to terminate our agreement. If you chose to do so and thereby end your licensing of the GEM System, we commit to part friends and to provide you with the post-termination right to apply everything you've learned along the way to your startup.

We look forward to your phone call or e-mail.